EU Maritime Transport Policies

Strategic Goals


Sustainability as a concept has been widely used in recent documents. It began its inception in the late 1980s after the appearance of The Brundtland Report. The UN-convened World Commission on Environment and [...]

Action plans

SSS Programme

In September 2001 the Commission presented its "White Paper on European Transport Policy for 2010: time to decide" which set a number of targets to ensure competitiveness and sustainability of mobility in 2010. [...]


Directive 95/21/EEC

The purpose of this Directive is to improve maritime safety in Community waters by attempting to ban substandard shipping from them.This Directive applies to all merchant shipping and crews using a seaport of a [...]

Decisions and Regulations

Community Financial Assistance

This programme featured three actions: (1) modal shift actions focused on shifting as much cargo as possible; (2) catalyst actions that changed the way non-road freight transport was conducted [...]