Regulatory Transport Framework

The Maritime Transport Market


Demand for shipping and port services is derived from the demand for the products being shipped and it is therefore important to examine international trade and patterns in [...]

Financing Transport Resources


To sustain a competitive transport system, substantial investments are required that are normally associated with priority criteria. To identify priorities, a discussion of financial [..]

Maritime Governance

Heather McLaughlin - INLECOM

Maritime governance derives from an institutional framework with jurisdictions at international, national, regional and local level. Its global reach dictates the need for an international [...]


Regulatory Framework

B. Sage and M. Liddane, Nautical Enterprise Centre Ltd.

Shipping and related maritime activities are an intrinsically global industry. Increasingly, several nations may be represented and involved in the logistical operation of trade involving [...]  


EU Transport Policy Analysis


The main aim of all EU policies is to create an integrated market, not only to dismantle internal barriers and provide conditions for fair trade, but also to give it many of the characteristics [...]