Transport and Logistics Developments

Dominant trends in Logistics

Antti Permala

The study presents ten mega-trends that will revolutionize supply chain logistics. These mega-trends changes logistics practices between supply chain partners as they [...]

Intermodal Developments

Co-modal transport

Developments associated with the notion of co-modality (optimal use of all modes of transport singly and in combination) are aimed to reshape the EU transport market as is currently, [...]

Human Resources - Education & Training

European Seafarers

Review of issues associated with seafarers. [...]

Design and Management of D2D Networks

Cooperative Unitised Services

There are many difficulties associated with conventional multimodal transport services that hamper their wider application and [...]

Key Performance Indicators


Any business activity relies on indicators for providing guidance in long-term. Indicators are important for business management, analysis and modelling. Therefore which indicators [...]

The EU e-Maritime Initiative


Maritime transport is a major economical contributor in the EU as well as a necessary component for the facilitation of international and interregional trade on which the [...]

The EU e-Freight Initiative


The Freight Logistics Action Plan[1] was launched by the European Commission, amongst a number of policy initiatives, to help Europe address key transport challenges including: [...]