Travel Regulatory Framework

Liability for death, personal injury and property damage

Each mode of transport is subject to a different international convention dealing with liability issues, which in turn have been enshrined into EU law by separate EU regulations. [...]

Delay Cancellation and Denied Boarding

Passenger rights in relation to delay and cancellation of their journey and the consequences of denied boarding derive from international convention, but are more fully set out in a series of European [...]

Impact of the Package Travel Directive

The current Package Travel Directive [3] (the PTD), which has been transposed into the national law of EU Member States through secondary legislation, sets out common rules on the provision of [...]

Contractual Relationships

Licensing authorities of each transport provider will drive the conditions under which agents can sell; i.e. an agent requires IATA accreditation. [...]

Consumer Protection

Whilst not unique to multi-modal travel, consumer protection is an overarching legal theme that ought to be borne in mind as the EuTravel project continues. [...]

Data Protection and Ownership