Review of ‘monitoring’ Directive 2002/59/EC

Review of Directive 2002/59/EC and associated initiatives D2.1.4.2 Review 2002_59_EC CETLE 15July09.pdf  

D Jarvis CETLE
The European Parliament has recently approved an amendment to the Directive 2002/59/EC, namely EC Directive 2009/17/EC, reinforcing the use of SafeSeaNet (SSN) as the Community maritime information exchange system.
Whilst this will no doubt further improve maritime safety, there are other considerations that need to be taken with respect the complete set of Directives having an influence on vessel traffic movements in EU waters. A recent study within the MarNIS project identified the following preliminary conclusions with respect reporting requirements contained not only in Directive 2002/59/EC but numerous other maritime related


  Duplication of reporting requirements within the same Directive as well as between different Directives;
  Use of different terminology to describe stakeholders within the same Directive as well as between different Directives;
  Lack of clarity in stating the purpose or function behind the requirement for information provision;
  Information flows were sometimes “disjointed” in that a receiving stakeholder was not always the same stakeholder as that required to pass the information on.
This study has the objective to describe the measures foreseen in the EU Directive 2002/59/EC, with consideration for the amendments as put forward in Directive 2009/17/EC, as well as provide further details regarding the establishment, harmonisation and enhancement of notifications and information networks as a key element of Directive 2002/59/EC. A further review is being conducted within the SKEMA e-Maritime periodic study looking more closely at the preliminary conclusions of the study as mentioned as well as provide recommendations towards a more transparent and coherent structuring for reporting across all Directives.
Note is made of the related initiatives as detailed in both the 2002/59/EC and 2009/17/EC Directives, providing a description of their purpose and content.