Short Sea Shipping developments

Integration of SSS in Intermodal chains

Integration of Short Sea Shipping in Intermodal chains is best achieved by managing the performance of the end to end transportation service in terms of criteria specified by the customer, the shipper.
The following diagram illustrates the representative actors of an  intermodal chain who have an interest in the transport chain performance.

With reference to the above diagram the following should be noted:
1.  Customers (i.e. Shippers and Receivers) are integrated as users into the system as they have a strong interest in the performance of alternative options.
2.  Pre- and on-carriage operators include road, rail and inland waterways carriers.
3.   Support service providers include both specialist service providers (e.g. route planning) and administrative service providers (e.g. customs clearance agents).
Performance management involves monitoring KPIs for each performance area, reporting performance data to various stakeholders and facilitating performance control actions to correct deviations or instigate improvements.