Maritime Single Windows

Administration domain applications
UoA and ILS

Administration domain applications
UoA and ILS

e-Maritime Administration domain applications, centered on Maritime Single Windows,   include:

  Improved information exchange between Administrations and Business (A2B & A2A) through trusted interoperability platforms and protocols (Single Windows) and web-based services for regulatory compliance reporting systems that will ensure the appropriate information is received only by those that need it, when they need it on a European wide basis utilising SafeSeaNet
 Exchange of information between authorities for collaboration in safety, security and environmental risk management.

The curent situation regarding regulatory reporting requirements from ships to National Competent Authorities is summarised in the following diagram. The required reports and associated rules are relatively clear. However, each country provides different reporting channels, which will need to be efficiently integrated into National Single Windows for compliance with the new Ship Formalities Directive.

Based on the evolving reality of SSN the areas to be investigated by e-Maritime will be:

•  Review and analysis of the SSN business logic and architecture in light of the e-Maritime services requirements. Mapping of e-Maritime services requirements into functional requirements affecting SSN further evolution and identification of important interdependencies.
 Review of the SSNv2 design (in the release available at the time of the initiation of the respective activity) to specify e-Maritime functionality and interfaces requirements. e-Maritime and SSN XML reference models compatibility and related extensions of the e-Maritime ontology
 Identification of needs for linking SSN reference databases to external databases and ways of sharing information, as stemming from e-Maritime services requirements with particular reference to collaboration between authorities in safety, security and environmental risk management