Port related e-Maritime services

Improved port operations

A key application increasingly used in ports is the Port Community System (PCS). PCS were developed initially to support information exchange, both between port associated companies and between the public and private sector thus providing a one stop shopping system.  A recent study by EMSA on metadata for ship movements in 40 EU ports and terminals indicates that 26 out of the 40 ports use some kind of PCS[1].

PCSs are also closely related to Port Single Windows:

•  Port Community Systems (PCS) supporting exchange of commercial and logistic messages in a port environment, B2B (Business to Business) services; similar applications include Cargo Community System (CCS)
•  Port Single Windows (PSW) providing information about the vessel to the authorities on a port level, B2A (Business to Administration); similar applications include Single Point of Contact (SPC) and National Single Window (NSW)

e-Maritime related port application areas include:

 Integration of Port Community Systems or Port Single Windows with national and international web portals
•  Managing quality of data collection and automation of statistics reports
•  Coordination of inspections
•  Resource management, optimized movements of cargo, containers, passengers, equipment
•  Integrated port security management