Ship related e-Maritime services

Improved ship operations

Key elements of the eMAR shipping operations include:

1.  Strategic Fleet Management addressing both traditional strategies such as market segment focus, purchase and sale of ships, new buildings, fleet scheduling and business networking including cooperative planning of resources. Emphasis will be placed on Green Shipping strategies such as monitoring CO2 operational index, and improved ship environmental monitoring and control which in the future could be connected to emission trading; benchmarking to compare ships with same or similar technical systems
2.  Personnel management and training systems addressing setting terms of employment for sea-going personnel, co-ordinating recruitment and assigning crews to a company’s vessels, coordinating training enabling fast familiarization.  
3.  Chartering addressing particularly monitoring chartering rates and trends from brokers, brokers’ reports, and publications, negotiation of charter party terms and monitoring communications between charterers and vessels, and alerting company to possible problems;
4.  Ship condition monitoring, maintenance and emergency support systems addressing  automated generation and dissemination of ship efficiency monitoring and environmental reporting, certification and surveys management and services to support Class in identifying areas of concern upon which planned surveys should concentrate, synchronization of maintenance schedules with purchasing, stock positioning,  crewing and inspection plans, integration of information from different proprietary ship maintenance systems and manufacturers, alert services on what has to be done and information on 'what has changed since specific dates, ‘intelligent’ services to self-organize following deployment or failure and co-ordination of remote operations;
5.  Loading planning and optimisation particularly interaction with routing, port systems and cargo monitoring systems;
6.  Voyage management systems addressing contract reviews, appointment of agents and surveyors, bunkering, operational supplies, voyage instructions to Masters, voyage monitoring, compliance management and  completion activities.