Review of collision and grounding risk analysis methods  

Collision risk management


The following seven collision and grounding risk analysis methods applicable in FSA process are reviewed. Some of the methods are designed to utilize the AIS-data, all of them benefit from it. The reliability of AIS data is also discussed.
1.  GRACAT           
2.  BaSSy Tool and IWRAP MAK II   
3.  MARCS Marine Accident Risk Calculation System
4.  SHIPCOF          
6.  MARTRAM         
Five of the methods can be applied to all sea areas. One method is designed to be applied in congested and high volume traffic areas and one method is focussed on the close-quarters interaction of vessels in port approaches, harbours, and constrained waterways.
Some of the methods give only estimate for the collision and grounding probabilities whereas some methods estimate also the consequences of the accidents.

According to a study reviewed, 8% of examined 400056 AIS messages contained erroneous data. The errors were in MMSI number, IMO number, position, course over ground, and speed over ground.