Dynamic risk management methods – ship risk indexes  

Dynamic risk management methods

C. Glansdorp

This report summarizes the most important issues in risk determination and risk management as applied at sea. The Maritime Operational Services Center is described with all its. There is a need for an authority that can declare a vessel a High Risk Ship and then take appropriate measures. The notion of a MOS center is extended in a new way. The MarNIS rep should be the competent authority for assigning a vessel a HRS and make decisions on places of refuge and oil spill recovery.Search and Rescue will be separate and decisions on life saving operations will be taken by an independent functionary according to the SAR principled agreed in IMO.

The major features of the innovative risk analysis:

 Individual risks per ship as function of the weather conditions.
•  Risks are expressed in €/hr.
•  The RI Pol and the RI LoL are the most important indicators.
•  The application of the rule “minimize the risk costs and the exploitation costs” is an application of the ALARP principles.
•  The application of measures against a HRS is dependent on the sea area concerned, the traffic densities, traffic patterns and the presence of IMO routing measures