Container security surveillance

Container Security Surveillance

The importance of quantifying the severity of the risks linked to container transport and identifying the most effective ways to reduce these risks to acceptable levels is widely acknowledged. However, the challenge lies in developing solutions that strike a balance between public and business interests. What is needed is a European-wide containers surveillance system that supports the implementation of the various EU security and information management policies and directives, and evolving international regulations and standards, whilst at the same time offering tangible benefits to participating stakeholders, thus facilitating its adoption by commercial entities.  

Such a surveillance system should encompass:

·  secure multimodal corridor design and supply chain monitoring & control based on integrated security technologies and public-private partnerships with shared responsibilities and benefits;
·  innovative ways to exchange container security information between EU platforms and existing security and operational systems used by ports and other stakeholders (e.g. customs, police, etc);
·  the use of enhanced security information in performance optimisation services for supply chains.