Marketing Sustainability Perspectives  

Sustainability Perspectives on Marketing Maritime Transport Services

Catrin Lammgård - UGOT

Environmental arguments in the marketing of intermodal transport have not been used to their full potential in practice. A number of research studies have recently focused on this area and a number of surveys and projects like PROPS are beginning to shed light in this area. The objective of this study is to establish a conceptual model that incorporates shippers’ transport characteristics, decision processes, buying behaviour and choice criteria in order to identify the conditions and opportunities for using environmental factors in the marketing of maritime intermodal transports. Market segmentation and differentiated marketing will be considered.

The work is based on the research carried out by Catrin Lammgård at UGOT for intermodal rail-road transport. The maritime transports often have a value-adding dimension regarding their environmental performance per ton kilometre, similar to the intermodal rail transports.

The report starts with a literature review, along with an examination of contributions by related EU projects and other relevant studies. The relevant issues for marketing strategies are identified and a model is presented together with recommendations.