Commission launches new Neighbourhood Transport Action Plan

New Neighbourhood Transport Action Plan

On 7 July the European Commission published a Communication on “The EU and its neighbouring regions: A renewed approach to transport cooperation”. With this Communication, the Commission provides more details on the new EU Neighbourhood Transport Action Plan which sets out a policy framework for promoting transport infrastructure and market development in EU neighbouring countries.

The new Action Plan aims at strengthening transport links with neighbouring regions to the east and south of the EU and proposes more than 20 concrete measures, in the short and longer term, to make transport connections smoother, safer and more reliable. Transport cooperation with EU neighbouring regions has so far taken place under a number of bilateral and regional initiatives. This new action plan builds on the results achieved so far, strengthens in particular connections to the east and brings together regional transport cooperation into a single policy.

In this Plan, the vision for maritime transport is one of quality shipping that is competitive and has good environmental, safety and security performance. This is a joint interest of the EU and its neighbours, who share regional seas. Therefore one of the key measures in this new EU Neighbourhood Transport Action Plan is to make sea transport with neighbouring countries more efficient, including in the longer term, through their enclosure in the “Blue Belt” of free maritime movement in and around Europe.