Directives for Ports

Directive 2000/59/EC

The Directive pursues the same aim as the 73/78 Marpol Convention on the prevention of pollution by ships, which all the Member States have signed. 

However, in contrast to the Convention, which regulates discharges by ships at sea, the Directive focuses on ship operations in Community ports and addresses in detail the legal, financial and practical responsibilities of the different operators involved in delivery of waste and residues in ports.

The Directive targets:
 all ships, whatever their flag, including fishing vessels and recreational craft, putting in at a Member State port, apart from warships and ships belonging to or operated by a State for non-commercial governmental purposes;
 all Member State ports.

Member States must ensure that port collection facilities are provided which meet the needs of the ships using them without causing abnormal delays. These facilities must be tailored to the size of the port and to the categories of ship calling there.

A waste reception and handling plan must be drawn up in each port. These plans must be checked and assessed by the Member States and approved by them at least every three years.