Directives for Commercial Transportation

Directive 97/70/EC

Directive 97/70/EC – common safety requirements for seagoing fishing vessels
Council Directive 97/70/EC of 11 December 1997 set up a harmonised safety regime for fishing vessels of 24 metres of length and over. Its purpose is to lay down safety standards for seagoing fishing vessels, both new, and existing, in so far as the Annex to the Torremolinos Protocol applies to the latter and 

flying the flag of a Member State and registered in the Community; or
operating in the internal waters or territorial sea of a Member State; or
 landing their catch in the port of a Member State.

Recreational craft engaged in non-commercial fishing are excluded from the scope of this Directive.

Directive 2002/84/EC of 5 November 2002 amended Directive 97/70/EC. Its purpose is to improve the implementation of Community legislation on maritime safety.