Directives for Ports

Directive 2002/84/EC

This Directive aims to improve the implementation of Community legislation on maritime safety, the prevention of pollution from ships and shipboard living and working conditions. It makes reference to the Committee on Safe Seas and the Prevention of Pollution from ships. It accelerates the update of such legislation in the light of developments of international instruments, applicable in the field of maritime safety and prevention of pollution from ships, pursuant to Regulation (EC) N 2099/2002. 

Directive 2002/84 provides amendments to:
1) Directive 93/75/EC
2) Directive 94/57/EC
3) Directive 95/21/EC
4) Directive 96/98/EC
5) Directive 97/70/EC
6) Directive 98/18/EC
7) Directive 98/41/EC
8) Directive 99/35/EC
9) Directive 2000/59/EC
10) Directive 2001/25/EC
11) and Directive 2001/96/EC