Directives for Labour

Directive 2008/106/EC

Directive 2008/106/EC of 3 December 2008 is regarding the minimum level of training in the Community.

The Directive sets out the rules on training and the standards of competence to be met by seafarers who are candidates for the issue or revalidation of certificates that allow them to perform the functions for which the relevant certificate of proficiency is issued.

The categories of seafarer to which these rules relate are: masters, chief mates, deck officers and engineer officers, chief engineer officers and second engineer officers, certain categories of ratings (i.e. those working in an engine-room, forming part of a watch or serving on certain types of ship), and personnel responsible for radiocommunications.

For certain categories of vessel, such as tankers and ro-ro passenger ships, the Directive lays down special training provisions (required for this type of vessel). It sets out the mandatory minimum requirements concerning the training and qualifications of seafarers serving on board these specific categories of vessel. The Directive also lays down rules on education and training in management of emergency situations, fire-fighting and the provision of medical aid, and for crew members responsible for catering services.