EuTravel has delivered key enablers for Optimodal Travel and has paved the way towards an industry level infrastructure (supporting Optimodal travel with tools that tap into existing mainstream IT travel reservation systems and sources of travel data solutions). 

Towards realising its vision and project objectives the following main technical assets have been delivered:

A1. The data integration infrastructure ‘API of APIs’ for multimodal Travel. Provides an innovative API of APIs technology stack that would facilitate integration of various data sources which then become accessible to any multimodal planner / application (to be used by primarily travel service providers). 

The EuTravel API of APIs provides a solution to one of the key challenges for multimodal travel, namely interoperability, translating data from disparate sources with different format to a common ‘data model’ or common language that can be used by multimodal applications. The “API of APIs” overcomes the main problem that hampers interoperability in the transportation and travel-related industry, which is the fact that access to the APIs of transport service and travel service providers is hardwired to the applications of travel agents and other system users. The EuTravel API of APIs incorporates the following innovative features/components:

1. a Common Information Model (CIM) and the semantic version of it i.e. the EuTravel Unifying Ontology (both CIM and Ontology are available).
2. the API’s Registry, which registers each available service provider with some specific standard and mode of transport,
3. a Data & Semantics Transformation mechanism, which processes the information received from all available data sources and facilitates its transformation in a form that can be received by the CIM, based on innovative machine learning and knowledge graph technologies
4. Semantic Components including the EuTravel Chatbot, a Travel Annotator, a Semantic Search service. The Chatbot is available on Facebook Messenger at the following internet address:

The Common Information Model is the backbone of the technologies built as part of the EuTravel platform. It is the final version of the domain model that unifies the various terminologies used in air, rail, ferry and coach transport modes under a single hierarchical structure. It is downloadable in JSON, XML, OWL and UML formats.
The Unified Travel Ontology file is also downloadable in OWL format.
Ontology Schema (owl)

A2. A prototype multimodal planner applied in multimodal scenarios combining air, ferry, train and coach/bus modes. 

The Travel Planner gives the opportunity to the traveller to plan his trip based on his profile and his needs and can be accessed from any device (PC, Tablet and Smartphone).

As this is a research project the planner does not fully cover geographically Europe. Indicative itineraries you me try out include:

• London Eye à Barcelona
• Bruges, Belgium à London, United Kingdom
• London, United Kingdom à Pariser Platz, Berlin, Germany
• Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome à Athens, Central Athens, Greece
• Hamburg, Germany à Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome