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Subject:MaaS Readiness Level
MaaS Readiness Level

Indicators for Local Authorities

Several European cities are currently seeking how they could support the establishment of new multimodal transport services in their area. The challenge is how to create high-performance service packages from the existing (and hopefully future) services to change the mobility behaviour towards more sustainable transport system instead of using private cars. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has been seen as one of the critical success factors when it comes to changing the transport behaviour of the citizens and how the cities can achieve their goals regarding sustainable mobility

CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project (2016–2020) where five cities; Madrid, Stockholm, Munich, Turku and Ruse are working together to tackle the challenges of mobility in suburban districts and clean, silent and CO2 - free city logistics have published a report on MaaS Readiness Level Indicators for local authorities

Download the report here.