Advanced impacts evaluation methodology for innovative freight transport solutions

AIMS project work plan was divided into six work packages:

WP1 is concerned with the overall project management;

WP2 is dedicated to the analysis of past research projects in the field of freight transport for each mode of transport (road, rail, air, maritime, inland waterways and intermodal);

Within WP3, the current status of the research projects in FP7 was analysed;

WP4 is covering the future related and available visions for research activities;

WP5 is concerned with producing conclusions and recommendations.

All dissemination activities, including the organisation of workshops and conferences, setting up the website and preparing the final publication was being done in WP6.

A selection of projects to be analysed was made using specific criteria and in accordance with EC objectives. The data collection and analyses consist of desktop research, interviews and e-mail surveys. Different stakeholders were interviewed to generate qualitative input for the research activities. Dedicated experts in each transport type were constantly involved to review the project progress and results of the different work steps. The organisation of workshops with experts and different stakeholders is to contribute to an exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of European freight transport research.

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