Airport Development

AIRNET Project is part of the MIT Portugal Programme in Lisbon. It is expected to finish in August 2012. Its methodology has three main pillars:

(1) new business models for airports - demand management; marketing strategies and financial investment options.
(2) flexibility, capacity expansion - product flexible capacity in investment model; discuss capacity decisions under uncertainty scenarios; focus on multi-objective metaheuristics to support decision making rational.
(3) hinterland effects - Value Network Analysis to understand connections between airports and hinterlands and mostly between airports and surrounding communities.

AIRDEV objectives follow two streams of research in order to provide an answer to the problems presented in the State of the Art. They provide a departure basis to nurture the required knowledge on airport development:
 Business models for the implementation and further development of the airport concept;
Airport hinterland and airport city concept;

These two streams of research analysis complement each other in acquiring the required knowledge for a coherent guidance on airport development, which is an issue of high priority in the Portuguese political agenda in the coming years. In a network dynamics perspective the airport’s interactions with its context world (knowing threats and opportunities, markets and competitors) will be assessed to put forth innovative designs of airport business models and models for development of regional interactions.

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