Kilometre tax for heavy goods vehicles in Sweden - a proposal for a functional concept

ARENA was a project of Swedish nationality and completed in 2008. Its role included the following two elements:
 Serving as the meeting point for all stakeholders in the industry - both nationally and internationally
 Developing and supporting knowledge within the project and serving as co-ordinator between other projects.

The project involved developing a concept for a kilometre tax system in Sweden with a functional approach, which does not prescribe any technical solutions. The concept in generic rather than specific, in the sense that it should be possible to implement the result in several ways. Hence, the system must be flexible to meet the dynamics of technical development. The time horizon for realisation is 3-6 years in the future.

The concept, developed by ARENA, differs from existing systems in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The ARENA concept allows more toll service providers, which is not accepted in the systems already in operation but is anticipated in the EU's work. ARENA believes that greater openness will reduce costs and increase flexibility. When it comes to checking for compliance with the regulations, ARENA has also forged its own path to reduce system costs.

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