Automatic Oil-Spill Recognition and Geopositioning Integrated in a Marine Monitoring Network

The scope of the ARGOMARINE project was to develop and test an integrated system for monitoring of the marine traffic and pollution events due to carriers/commercial ships as well as recreational boats through environmental-sensitive sea areas. This monitoring would be implemented by means of sophisticated electronic, geopositioning, and telematic tools for transmitting ship navigation data through a high speed communication network. Environmental data from different sensors (SAR, hyperspectral sensor, thermal sensors, electronic noses, acoustic sensors) on satellites, aircraft, vessels, in situ anchored buoys and AUVs will be collected in test areas, and sent by telemetric links to a central server where all the data are integrated by use of web mapping technology. Accident modelling and post-accident intervention simulation tools for impact prediction will be implemented and tested through field experiments.

Motivation and overall scope of the Argomarine project was the safe detection, notification and interventions on vessels in emergency situation and the protection of sea and insular environment, endangered by heavy and continuous activities, mainly due to intensive ship traffic, generating a consistent pollution risk.
The envisaged goal is connected to the necessity of precise and punctual pollution control in areas and shores which are, for instance, of particular naturalistic value, and/or are exposed to risk of accidental or even intentional contamination due to their vicinity to industrial or highly densely populated settlements, or crossed by a heavy ship traffic.

All the data and the information obtained will be merged and elaborated in a Marine Information System (MIS), i.e. an information system where remote sensing data, field experiment results and estimates from simulation models will be integrated, and tools for data storage and retrieval, data manipulation and analysis, as well as for presentation, will available through a common interface.

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