Aeronautic Study on Seamless Transport

Airport ground processes still conceal a considerable potential for improvement of time efficiency. Recent studies from Eurocontrol Performance Review Commission prove that insufficient punctuality in air transport results mainly from variance in off-block times. This leads to poor predictability and sizeable inefficiencies throughout the whole air transport system. Aim of proposed project is to develop and assess solutions for airport process improvement in terms of time efficiency regarding both, passenger process and aircraft turnaround in an integrated approach. Therefore, representatives of nearly all directly or indirectly involved stakeholders (airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, technological suppliers, security service providers etc.) worked conjointly on this project. Elaboration of potential solutions comprised compilation of currently discussed solution approaches (e.g. CDM, Total Airport Management etc.) as well as development of new opportunities focussing on three main process chains: 1) passenger processes 2) baggage processes 3) aircraft turnaround processes. Emphasis is placed on identifying those solutions achieving the most promising target contribution instead of going into details of a certain approach. 

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