Battery powered Boats, providing Greening, Resistance reduction, Electric, Efficient and Novelty

BB GREEN will develop and launch new, innovative and competitive waterborne transport solutions, presenting a step change in public service offered, emitting Zero greenhouse gas and introducing a climate friendly travel choice. The approach is radical and brave and the new vessels can be introduced quickly, cost-efficient and without affecting current infrastructure. The battery powered, low wake wash, fast and efficient air supported craft will deliver a ciimate friendly waterborne travel choice across Europe. Feasibility will be demonstrated by means of a fully operational research and testing platform, to be trial operated under real life conditions with end users onboard to determine the market- and customers reactions. The new transport system can contribute to reduce traffic congestions and improve traffic flow in and around cities and densely populated areas with water way access. The operational research platform will be a vital tool to accomplish a quick and effective dissemination of project results and pave way for the new, capable zero emission waterborne alternative.

To achieve the demanding main goal of demonstrating feasibility and market acceptance for the new solution, a holistic approach taking advantage of new and emerging technologies from the maritime- and other sectors will be used. The proposed project meets all key EU-objectives related to greening, CO2 emission, innovation and request for transport solutions able to meet future requirements.

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