Breakthrough in European Ship and Shipbuilding Technologies

The strategic objective of BESST was to secure and improve the competitive position of European shipyards in a sustainable way, looking into the medium and long term future. Having in mind the comparatively high labour cost in Europe, the goal was to increase the competitiveness of European built ships through decreased life cycle cost, drastically reduced environmental impact and improved safety.

The technical objectives of BESST were two fold:
 To develop holistic life cycle performance assessment methods and tools comprising life cycle cost, environmental impact, safety and societal needs;
 To develop innovative technical solutions for the most important ship systems and to combine them in an optimal way on ship level.

BESST aimed to achieve a breakthrough effect, i.e. to ensure that customers will get added value over life time from European shipyards even with a higher initial price.

A first detailed analysis of the potential life cycle benefits through the implementation of project results has shown cost reductions per ship of around 120 M€ over a 30 years life time.

Referring to the environmental issues, another project goal, evaluated in connection with the foreseen ship energy saving, is the reduction of 12 % of the CO2 emission, i.e. abt. 12.000 CO2 t/year per ship.

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