Logistics Best Practices

The BESTlog Consortium established and supported an independent institutional platform addressing all stakeholders of logistics and transport in its set-up phase and during the initial period of dissemination. This includes all relevant activities from dissemination strategy development through content provision to the preparation of dedicated awards, conferences and workshops.
Moreover, the consortium formed a strategy for the financial independence and the continued development of the platform on completion of the project. As a result, the platform operated as an acknowledged and established institution that is both self-funding and self-improving thereafter.

To pursue its objectives, bestLog:
1. Collected and disseminated logistics best practice knowledge across Europe;
2. Created a platform for an ongoing exchange on logistics best practice (beyond the duration of the project);
3. Developed a certificate for European best practice in logistics;
4. Regularly published a report on the state-of-the-art in logistics education;
5. Developed training packages.

Communication is key to the bestLog project. BestLog engaged in an active communication with stakeholders from all European countries and from all industries. An advisory and communications board was set up consisting of 58 members from politics and industry. It is recognised that logistics decisions regarding Europe are not necessarily made within Europe. Partners from the U.S. and from Asia were included in the information exchange for mutual learning.

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