City logistics solutions

Experience has shown that the most innovative urban areas implementing City Logistics Solutions (CLS) tend to be large cities or country capitals. These larger conurbations have the resources to access support for innovative transport solutions, participate in city networks and exchange knowledge and experiences with each other. On the other hand small and medium sized urban areas are, in this respect, more disadvantaged and often take action that is rather limited in scope, since they are comparatively isolated when viewed from a European perspective. It is not unusual for local representatives to experience problems such as language translation which limits their authorities from learning from other European cities experiences.

The partners of BESTUFS II recognise such difficulties and aim to broaden the existing BESTUFS network to include medium sized urban areas in Europe including those in the new member States. Whilst the dissemination of information is aimed at all urban areas special attention will be given to those regarded as less large. It is the intention of BESTUFS II to produce a series of CLS best practice guides based on information documented in the handbooks of BESTUFS and BESTUFS II. These will be translated into national languages and used as base material by BESTUFS II representatives in the process of disseminating CLS information to stakeholders of urban freight transport activities in these smaller urban areas.

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