BG 77

Key Performance Indicators for Non-Food Retail distribution

The role of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring the efficiency of distribution, and for identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements has been established through KPI surveys in the food distribution sector. The EEBPP now wishes to extend KPI's of freight distribution into other distribution sectors. The non-food retail sector has been identified as a good opportunity for a KPI study, as there is a perception that there is a significant amount of 'waste' in the supply chain which a KPI survey would quantify and identify opportunities for efficiency gains.

The objective of this study is to measure KPIs of vehicle utilisation amongst suppliers, manufacturers and hauliers within the non-food retail distribution sector. Specific objectives are to:
1. develop industry agreed KPIs for distribution in the non-food retail sector;
2. calculate KPIs at both an industry and an organisation level.

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