Co-operative European System for advanced information redistribution

The overall objective of CESAR is the improvement of intermodal transport performances and quality, with a further view to attract more transport volume for intermodal transport and increase efficiency of transport in the European Union. The main step to generate this quality improvement aims at intermodal transport information system. CESAR established the basis of a common Standard interface for information and data exchange and distribution between combined transport operators and their clients, mainly road hauliers and freight forwarders. As a kernel of such a European standard information system, major operators of the two main alpine crossing North-South axis in Europe linked their information systems as far as operator - to - client information flow is concerned, and developed - in close conjunction with the other actors in European Intermodal transport - a basis standard communication for this type of information flows and interaction. A co-operative approach was chosen for an efficient progress enabling the initial three partners to increase the performance of their different informatic systems while still allowing them to keep their decentralized structure which responds to a number of national or specific user requirements. Finally, the results achieved underwent a test run on the Gotthard and Brenner axis and a co-ordination and acceptance procedure with the other actors in European intermodal transport. At the end the results underwent a dissemination activity to foster acceptance and to bring forward European Standardization. The project was completed in 1999.

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