Civitavecchia Port and TEN-T Priority Axis 1

Preliminary and detailed design for the rehabilitation of a railway link between Civitavecchia Port and TEN-T Priority Axis no. 1 in Orte

This project aims to allow a better connection of the Motorways of the Sea pole Civitavecchia towards the hinterland.

It concerns a study looking at how to improve the former rail connection between the Civitavecchia Port (a category A seaport located 70 km to the north of Rome) and Priority Project 1 (Railway Axis Railway axis Berlin-Verona/Milano-Bologna-Napoli-Messina-Palermo) in Orte, where a large new logistics centre is under construction. 

The study is to be implemented by the Government of Lazio Region - Assessorato alla Mobilità, in a public-private partnership with two project promoters: Civitavecchia Port Authority and Orte Logistic Centre.

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