Construction of the fourth lock at Lanaye

Construction of a 225 x 25 m chamber navigation lock, its ancillary works and a pumping station/hydroelectric power plant on the Albert Canal, to the east of the existing lock complex at Lanaye

This project, part of Priority Project 18 (Waterway axis Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube), concerns the construction of the fourth lock at Lanaye, the key lock along the Albert Canal at the Belgian-Dutch border. This lock connects maritime and inland ports along the Rhine-Main-Danube (from Rotterdam to Constanza) and along the Seine-Scheldt (from Le Havre to Antwerp) and constitutes an essential point of passage for the European inland waterway network.

The existing lock is highly congested, causing considerable delays (21,000 merchant ships/11.5 million tons in 2006).The fourth lock at Lanaye will be 225 m x 25 m, so as to bring the lock's capacity to more than 50,000 vessels per year (with a merchant fleet composition similar to the current one). The project also includes a pumping station to offset the increase in water consumption, and a hydroelectric power plant to capitalise on the available fall of water. 

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