Cost Effective Corrosion and Fatigue Monitoring for Transport Products

The main objectives of the CORFAT project were:
A final prototype of monitoring equipment for transport products: The final prototype would consist of sensors, acquisition and evaluation unit as well as evaluation software plus accessories for sensor mounting and cabling. The instrumentation would be intrinsically safe in order to be applied in hazardous areas, especially onboard tankers. Validation tests on real structures under normal operating conditions would verify the proper functioning of the equipment.

Generic maintenance and inspection programme using the AE monitoring technology: The generic maintenance and inspection programme based on AE monitoring would consist of guidelines for application of the equipment prototype, a procedure for condition monitoring on transport products, evaluation criteria for the acquired monitoring data and a procedure for subsequent condition assessment. The programme would be completed by appropriate follow-up activities according to the condition of the monitored transport product.

Drafts for standardisation

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