COST 346

Emissions and Fuel Consumption from Heavy Duty Vehicles

The main objective of COST 346 was to improve the knowledge of real world emission behaviour of the heavy duty vehicle fleet in Europe. This includes the enlargement of the emission data base, the activity figures and the development of an improved methodology for estimating pollutant emissions and fuel consumption. The methods should make it possible to estimate the emissions [g/km] from single vehicles as well as from vehicle fleets.

To achieve the project's objectives, the following actions were set:
 Establishment of a protocol for HDV emission and fuel consumption testing. The protocol includes provisions for ensuring comparability between measurements made in different laboratories (quality assurance procedures, etc.).
 Production of engine maps for calculating emissions and fuel consumption from HDV’s. This covers both static and dynamic operating conditions and a representative range of engines.
 Because of the lack of existing data on particulate matter (PM) emissions and their important impact on health, the Action includes measurements of PM size and number distributions.
 Development of vehicle simulation models in order to calculate emissions for single vehicles. For this task existing, improved or totally new models are used and validated.
 The use of aggregated emission models, aimed at the assessment of the overall emissions from a HDV fleet, requires detailed information on vehicles and vehicle operation (e.g. driving statistics) and more general traffic statistics (e.g. loading factors, fleet composition, mileage). COST 346 considers this aspect and makes recommendation on sources of information and methods of data acquisition.
The project was completed in 2005.

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