Cluster of User Networks in Transport and Energy relating to anti-terrorist Activities

COUNTERACT reviewed existing security policies, procedures, methodologies and technologies to identify the best practices which in turn were promoted throughout the relevant security community in the EU. The three industry clusters covering public passenger transport, intermodal freight transport and energy were exchanging experiences and views.

The project stresses two angles of view at the European level:

1. global background assessment of the current terrorist threat to public transport, freight and energy;
2. impact Assessment on "Rail and urban passenger transport security at the European Level regarding terrorist threats in railways and urban passenger transport" looking at current protection structures, possible policy options and an impact analysis.

The Thematic User Group (TUG) for the Freight Transport Cluster was led by the UIRR and included freight transporters; freight terminal, parking and depot operators; air cargo handling companies; freight forwarders; third party logistics providers; warehouse operators; and Customs, as well as other authorities (police, security, intelligence, anti-terrorist, etc). The project was finished in 2009.

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