CREATE3S – A new impulse to European short sea shipping

Concepts Realised by Advanced 
Design & Production to improve total 
Efficiency of Short Sea Shipping 

The project developed advanced manufacturing concepts based on modularisation leading to an innovative ship concept. The ship consists of two basic modules: a shipplatform module and interchangeable cargo-containing modules. Once at the destination the cargo-containing modules are discharged and replaced by other modules. This concept allows for more efficient freight management, contributes to a reduction of time in port and provides a better link with inland waterways by assembling the cargo barges into push units. 

Coordinator I GeestNorth Sea Line b.v. 
(the Netherlands) 
Total budget I EUR 4.2 million 
EU funding I EUR 2.5 million 
Start/end I 01/11/2006 – 30/04/2010

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