Logistic reorganisation at loading point to limit transport

CRISTAL Project stages: The first project phase identified potential improvement areas for shippers wanting to reduce the number of miles travelled (excluding modal transfers). The second phase illustrated certain areas of improvement in these real-life cases - YOPLAIT (fresh produce) and CAT (automobile industry) - using optimisation models developed by Eurodecision.

Key Results: Key areas of identified improvement on several levels:
 on a strategic level:
   production-logistics analysis in order to marginally "despecialise" manufacturing sites (and move plants nearer to consumption areas for large flows)
    adjustment of the distribution network architecture (location and number of transshipment points) by using shippers (allocation of fixed costs)
consistent supervision of regional transport flows and terminal distribution flows
 on an operations level:
    reduce the impact of more frequent transport
    reduce mileage and the number of stops by grouping shipments and using carriers specialised by channel.

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