Cross-Border Information Technology

The objective of this project was to develop, test and evaluate solutions:
 for improved service reliability and data exchange;
 for cross border freight trains;
 in a corridor of the Trans European Rail Freight Network;
 using advanced IT-Technologies.

A short look on the actual state of-the-art helps to better understand the intended innovations to be achieved for border crossing freight trains especially. The crossing of a border is always accompanied by an interchange between Infrastructure Managers (IMs) and often also by a corresponding change of the Train Operating Company (TOC). Latest at interchanges a data exchange between IMs and TOCs occurred. For the infrastructure the data exchange between IM1 to IM2 of the neighbouring railway was needed for the execution of train operations, i.e. the traffic management. It consisted of messages: on train composition, delays, interruptions, running schedule, rerouting and special event related message.

This was performed in accordance with UIC leaflet 407. TOCs also performed a data exchange aiming at the management of the transport of goods with wagons (using UIC 404-2). For this purpose messages had to be exchanged which related to the following groups:
 technical characteristics of the wagon
 characteristics of the goods transported
 characteristics of running under load
 characteristics of a train or a set of wagons
 shutdown information for wagons
 information about delays.

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