Demonstration of an integrated management and communication system for door-to-door intermodal freight transport operations

The major objective of D2D was to demonstrate how to efficiently organise and manage intermodal door-to-door transport chains, in which shipping plays a major role, by using logistics management and communication systems. Such demonstrations would serve the European transport policy and inspire the European industry to make greater use of intermodal transports with strong shipping elements. The focus of the project was the use of information and communication technology with the introduction new elements in the Intelligent Transport System. 

Some of the main results D2D aimed to produce were: 
(a) A generic business model for transport chain management
(b) An open data model covering all aspects of intermodal transport
(c) A technical solution for a commercial Freight Transport Monitoring Services
(d) A technical solution for a commercial Transport Chain Management System
(e) Samples of “smart” transport equipment and software illustrating the potential for smart technologies to improve the competitiveness of intermodal transport. 

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