DIRAC - rapid screening and identification of illegal Drugs by IR Absorption spectroscopy and gas Chromatography

DIRAC is an FP7 project starting on 2010-06-01 with a completion date of 2013-11-30.
The goal of this project is to develop an advanced sensor system, that combines miniaturized Gas Chromatography (GC) as its key chemical separation tool, and Hollow-Fiber-based Infra Red Absorption Spectroscopy (HF-IRAS) as its key analytical tool to recognize and detect illicit drugs, key precursors and potential derivatives. 

The DIRAC sensor will be developed to: 
1) be used on the field primarily by customs officers for controls at the EU external frontiers and by law enforcement personnel for intra-Community checks as a rugged and hand-portable unit; 
2) perform rapid detection of key chemicals; 
3) reject interferents with minimal false positive alarm rate; 
4) perform advanced data analyses such as similarity evaluation between the chemical structure of the unknown sample with that of controlled/illicit substances. 

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