Dismantling of Vessels with Enhanced Safety and Technology

The objective of the DIVEST project was to define a integrated risk and economic framework applicable to the optimisation of ship dismantling activities and infrastructure, from a social, economic and environmental point of view. The framework would apply across the life cycle of a ship and it would be developed using risk-based and economic modelling/value-based analysis.Particular emphasis would be on the dismantling value and competence chain.

Project activities would follow three main steps as follows:
 The review of various risk and economic analysis methodologies and the selection of those which best fit the needs and constraints of the ship dismantling activity
 The validation of the applicability of the methods selected using modellign and actual case studies,
 The organization of the research data and output into a readily accessible database.
 The subjects of concern that have been identified for the call would be addressed as follows:
 a process to answer safety concerns linked to ecological processes for clean and safe dismantling & clean and safe disposal
 an analysis of ships, infrastructure, personnel, with focus on the dynamic interfaces between them, to support research on vessels and infrastructure end of life analysis addressing industrial, ecological and economic criteria
 economic analysis of the main risk drivers of identified ship/infrastructure/process combinations to answer questions on the cost effectiveness of ship recycling

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