EFFORTS Overview

The European FP-6 DG Research Integrated Project    "Effective Operations in Ports (EFFORTS)" aims to improve the competitiveness of European port operations and the quality of the ports labour conditions and market, being a prominent one in coastal regions. Commencing 1st May 2006 and lasting for 42 months EFFORTS, research and development focus on three areas: 
 Navigation in Ports dealing with safe and efficient approach and berthing of vessels usually increasing size faster than port infrastructure can follow.
 Ports and Environment
 Port Organisation providing an architecture, process descriptions and software tools for operational support and risk assessment and management
Results include the ‘Methodology and Tools for developing interoperable port IT systems’. The processes are modelled using the applicable standard BPMN.

Results include:
 Handbook of process modelling
 Process ontology and process modelling platform
 Port process map
 Procedure model for specification, implementation and quality assurance of interfaces
 Prototype framework for development and testing of interoperability solutions, based on standard business cases
 Prototype system for port process optimisation
  Verification and validation of the pilot installation
Free Tools for Ports
A standard high level process map and actors model that can be used in house to develop own models at a more detailed level and for specific purposes (risk assessments, process improvements, introduction of new ICT systems etc.). This process model is captured in BPMN language with support of Enterprise Process Center (EPC), a process modelling tool of Interfacing Technology Corp.

The same process model can also be used to facilitate interoperability solutions between port actors or even between ports.

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