Episode 3

Single European Sky Implementation Support through Validation

Episode 3 was an Aerospace project funded under the FP6 programme. It was completed in 2010. Its scientific and technical objectives were to:
 provide evidence that the SESAR operational concept is 'safe in principle', or otherwise;
 define a performance validation framework based on SESAR performance targets;
 provide evidence of the performance of the operational concept against these targets;
 provide evidence of the operational viability of the SESAR target concept, or otherwise;
 provide evidence of the technical viability of the SESAR target concept, or otherwise;
 consolidate and detail the SESAR operational concept in accordance with the assessment results.

EP3 focused on the assessment by using ICAO key performance areas and the European Operational Concept Validation Process methodology. The project constructed validation areas that group the SESAR concept elements in accordance with its mode of operation to assess the expected benefits and its acceptability by human actors. Sequences of classical and innovative assessment tools were used, including:
 Expert groups providing initial qualitative assessment against selected KPA (Key Performance Areas) in relation to operability, safety and human factors whilst also developing validation scenarios;
 Gaming exercises providing human assessment of strategic decision-making processes feeding fast-time simulation and analytical modelling;
 Fast-time modelling performance assessment on KPA, and filtering scenarios and options to be evaluated by real-time simulation and trade-off activities;
 Real-time simulation providing qualitative operational assessments, valuable for developing the concept and building common understanding.

All assessments were consolidated in a top-level system model for trade-off and reporting, and a full assessment of the SESAR Concept of Operations was produced.

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