Thematic Network on e-fulfilment

The e-Thematic project addresses the area of e-Fulfillment focusing specifically on the concept of the value system of a company’s supply chain. By integrating flows of information, materials and finances on a supply chain level, much inefficiencies can be eliminated, resulting in a virtuous circle of value creation for end customers and for supply chain stakeholders.

The e-Thematic project has provided market players, research organizations, experts and public authorities the opportunity to exchange knowledge on innovative technologies, research results and policy recommendations. e-Thematic applies to  both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer markets.

The main objectives of the e-Thematic network are to:
 Cluster existing European research projects in the field of e-Logistics and e-Fulfillment;
 Identify emerging applications and technologies;
 Identify examples of "good practice";
 Put e-fulfillment on the RTD-agenda;
 Provide input for EU research and policy development related to e-fulfillment.

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