Acciona Trasmediterranea
The proposal EU - CARGOXPRESS delivers an innovative Concept of a new generation of intermodal and competitive CARGO-VESSEL - defined to such a detail, that a group of engineers and operators can build a full scale CARGO-VESSEL serving as an experimental prototype without further investigation or studies.

The Consortium includes the user-community, the engineering and research institutions as well as the shipyards able to implement the proposed findings.

The project concentrates on those subjects which have the major impact on future sustainable and green maritime transport, investigating alternative energy forms, usage and conversion, best low resistance hull forms, materials to lower the lightweight of the vessel and innovative cargo loading and port accessing devices making this Concept very competitive to the ever growing road transport.

A part of the budget is used to make first tests on key-elements. Finally the shipyards as members of the Consortium study and plan the prototype construction towards the implementation and disseminate the results to the maritime community.

The planned competitive CARGO-VESSEL includes highly innovative features not yet used by the maritime community. The innovative breakthrough is necessary to cope with the upcoming shortage in energy supply and to lower substantially CO2 emission.

The reasons to apply for supporting EU-Funding are:
 The maritime industry is a conservative risk adverse community and cannot shoulder the expenses for this project alone.
 The planned CARGO-VESSEL should be a serial standard vessel following the broader requirements of the industry and not of a single investor with specific needs.
 The inclusion of the scientific community and 4 SMEs of the high-tech sector from different parts of Europe, which are not available on national level.

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