FANTASTIC (Functional design and optimisation of ship hulls) was funded under the European Commission’s FP5 GROWTH programme and started in April 2000 being completed in March 2003. To meet the competition from new shipbuilding nations more efficient ships have to be produced in a shorter time. Today's ship design processes still follow a "trial and error" methodology unsuitable to cope with this market's growing demand. Considering this a critical limitation to shipyards' competitiveness, major players of the European shipbuilding community have contributed their expertise so as to significantly improve their design approach. Focusing on geometric modelling and hydrodynamic analysis as the two decisive components, a new "functional design" process has been introduced which allows the efficient generation, systematic variation, effective flow analysis and rational evaluation of ship hull forms. Aiming at hull form optimisation at both the early and the refined design stage, innovative parametric modelling techniques have been developed, established numerical simulation methods  enhanced and existing optimisation procedures will be supplied. An open and modular system integrating all necessary tools has been implemented and applied at model basins and shipyards.

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