FIDELITY - Fast and trustworthy Identity Delivery and check with ePassports leveraging Traveler privacy

Fidelity is an FP7 project of 48 months duration starting on 2012-02-01.

FIDELITY aims at improving the security and usability of biometric travel documents, whilst at the same time protecting the privacy of travel document holders by a privacy-by-design approach. The project focuses on ePassports, addressing their complete lifecycle from issuance over identity checks and the management of certificates to expiry or revocation. FIDELITY develops technical solutions how to overcome current limitations and studies privacy/legal/ethical and sociological aspects of biometric travel documents. It provides technical demonstrators and recommendations how to increase convenience and trust in ePassports for the end-users (immigration inspectors, overseas consulate officers, border guards, etc.) and for the citizens (passport holders) by combining strong security, better usability, and privacy by design.

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