Freight Innovative Delivery in European Urban Space

The main objective of FIDEUS project was to provide a complementary set of vehicle solutions to support an innovative approach to the organisation of urban freight transport, in line with political strategies to safeguard the "liveability" of cities, while being compatible with efficient logistics. Urban freight delivery is both a contributor to and victim of the growing congestion in urban areas that exposes the population to noise, pollution and nuisance.

The target of FIDEUS was to contribute in a practical way to the economic livelihood of business and retail activities located in the city with policies oriented towards more sustainable mobility. This required a concerted effort of stakeholders whose interests were often perceived as conflicting. FIDEUS promoted a co-ordinated approach involving the automotive industry, logistics companies and city decision-makers. The aim was to make available appropriate vehicles, to ensure that delivery operations were efficient and that cities had the necessary information and tools to be able to define and manage effective mobility policies for goods traffic.
The project was funded under the FP6 Programme and ended in 2008.

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