Project Overview

Freightwise Management Framework for Intelligent Intermodal Transport – focuses on ‘reference objects and services for intermodal transport processes and operations.

Freightwise has defined a reference architecture and key roles involved in co-modal (intermodal) freight transport and innovative mechanisms for planning of door-to-door transport operations

Under EFREIGHT a  Transport Execution Plan (TEP) can be constructed in a dialogue between transport user and service provider(s). The transport service providers could use templates for describing and publishing the services offered in a format that allows transport users to identify the service(s) of interest. Negotiation starts when transport users input their preferences (in terms type of cargo to be shipped, origin and destination, time, cost and quality attributes). The transport service providers respond leading, possibly through facilitated negotiation, to an agreed plan with threshold values for applicable KPIs. The agreed TEP can be used for deploying information into RFID tags for cargo items, load units and/or vehicles creating transparency of progress to all stakeholders. If multiple services are needed for moving the cargo from origin to destination, heuristics or optimization methods could be used to find the best possible combination based on transport user preferences.  

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